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Why Should I Care About Self-Care?

  • Dr. Allie and Miss Barbara
  • Parenting, Self-care
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If you’re anything like us, self-care often falls at the end of our to-do list. We find ourselves saying, “If we get all of these tasks done, we will sit down and relax.” Not only that, but if we are lucky enough to make it through our to-do list, we seem to always find another mess to clean up, another work e-mail to answer, or find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through Instagram looking at home decor. 

Not that mindless scrolling is not self-care…it’s important too…but we can do better! We can prioritize taking care of ourselves. 

The important thing we have come to learn about self-care, is that it is not just about a long relaxing bubble bath or massage. Although those are nice, and definitely forms of self-care. But we can look at all aspects of our being to find ways to care for ourselves, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Self-care can be reading a few pages from a book, saying some kind affirmations to yourself when you’re getting dressed in the morning, listening to your favorite podcast while driving to work or folding laundry, taking a walk outside, talking to a friend on the phone, enjoying a glass of wine, setting a time everyday for 20 minutes away from your e-mail, cleaning out your junk drawer, talking to a therapist, learning something new …self-care is personal and comes in all shapes and sizes.  

Self-care is also the daily choices we make to improve our well-being. Choosing to eat healthy, staying hydrated, exercising and stretching, practicing mindfulness…all a part of self-care. These daily activities decrease our risk of depression and anxiety, or lessen the effects of these symptoms.

Life pulls us in so many directions all day long. And there is a lot of pressure to “do it all” or at least keep up an appearance that you are doing it all. We don’t know anyone who can do it all…so as long as you can’t do everything, why not do one thing that’s good for your soul?

Self-care is not selfish. Period.

It’s as necessary as drinking water to stay hydrated. If we have learned one thing, from research and experience, if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others. It is easy to forget as a parent when you devote so much of your mental energy to ensuring that everyone else is cared for. Release the guilt…when you care for yourself, you are showing love to yourself…and you are teaching your kids to do the same. Love themselves, take care of themselves, respect themselves. We want that for our children! 

The Terrateer Club is for children AND parents. We know the importance of caring for yourself as a parent in order to best care for your child. That’s why we provide support for parents too. Each month, we talk about important parenting topics and share resources with our Terrateer parents. The early childhood years do not come with a manual, but we are here to support you as you navigate them! 

What inspires your soul? How do you re-charge? How are you finding time with self-care? Share it with us below! 

Author: Dr. Allie and Miss Barbara

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