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Favorite Screen Free Activities

  • Dr. Allie and Miss Barbara
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Screen Free Activities

Sharing our favorite ways to keep your little ones entertained!

Sensory, Sensory, Sensory!

We could go on about the benefits of sensory play forever. It’s calming, it supports brain development, and it keeps little ones entertained for long periods of time.

Sensory play can be adapted to work for almost any age…even babies! (You can place sensory materials in a plastic bag and tape it on the floor or highchair). For older children, we recommend designating a sensory bin, that can even be placed on a shower curtain or in a baby pool to contain the mess. Add measuring cups, paper/plastic cups, spoons, and bowls and watch your little get creative.

Our favorite right now is “Rainbow Rice.” Rice mixed with food coloring…inexpensive and easy! Simply take some uncooked white rice, place it in a plastic bag with a few drops of food coloring, and shake. Spread the rice out on a cookie sheet to dry for a few hours before playing!

We could write an entire blog post on sensory play (and we probably will!), but, some of our other favorite simple sensory ideas include:

  • Water play (especially this play sink)
  • Play dough
  • Cereal (add a few cups, bowls, or kitchen tools and let your little one get creative!)

Coloring Books and Stickers

We love the jumbo crayons and a good coloring book to keep our little ones entertained. Sharing some of our favorites here!

Coloring Books

Sticker Books

  • For Toddlers and Preschoolers:
  • For Older Children:

Pretend Play Activity Sets

These are great for kids as young as age 2 (just watch for small parts that are included with some sets). If you don’t want to purchase a set, use some objects around the house. Currently, we are playing non-stop with an old Keurig that no longer works, a reusable coffee pod, and some paper cups!

Cook, Bake, or Play in the Kitchen

Engaging with your child in the kitchen is not only fun, but provides so many opportunities for learning and bonding with your little. Our favorite right now is make your own trail mix…no cooking or baking required! Choose some age-appropriate foods, and let your child create their own snack.

Go Outside!

Hot or cold. Rain or shine. This is our favorite screen-free activity. Nature is the most healing place for children, and provides for endless opportunities for creative play.


Play music or make your own music! We love the way music can impact a child’s mood. Dance and sing!

We hope you have as much fun with these as we do!

Dr. Allie and Miss Barbara


Note: You may wish to use these activities to keep your child busy while you do other things, but keep your little close by, always supervise around small objects, water, and anything that might be deemed unsafe for your child.

Author: Dr. Allie and Miss Barbara

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