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About the Club

What is The Terrateer Club?

We are a research based, extra-curricular virtual program for preschool aged children. Our program was created by a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and an Early Childhood Educator who are also a mother and daughter team.

The Terrateer Club promotes six guiding principles which provide a solid foundation for life long global citizenship. Kindness, mindfulness/yoga, acceptance, executive functioning, nature exploration, and community are the emphasis of our programming. The Terrateer Club is the first of its kind to create curriculum promoting all of these principles. Come join the Terrateer Club and inspire your child to be a global citizen through self-awareness, action, and human connectedness.

Each week, Terrateer Club members will participate in a virtual club meeting and a virtual yoga class or mindful exercise. Then, members will complete activities aligned with our guiding principles. Children will complete additional activities as they work toward earning their Terrateer Club badges!

As a Terrateer Club member, you and your child will have access to exclusive video lessons led by Dr. Allie and Miss Barbara. You will also have access to a weekly virtual yoga class. Members will receive a monthly supply box, shipped free to their door, which will include most of the supplies necessary to complete activities at home. Terrateer parents will also find helpful parenting resources in Dr. Allie’s Parent Toolbox.

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