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Our Founders

Alexandra Quast Surgener, PsyD

“Dr. Allie”

Dr. Allie is a pediatric neuropsychologist and has expertise in child development. She evaluates the neurocognitive, social , emotional, and behavioral functioning of children and adolescents and specializes in understanding child development and brain-behavior relationships. Dr. Allie is also a certified children’s yoga teacher. She has seen the importance of strong family, school, and community support in the development of healthy and happy children. Dr. Allie believes that early childhood is the most critical time to build a foundation necessary for children to develop into empathic, independent, open- minded individuals.

Barbara Quast, M.Ed

“Miss Barbara”

Miss Barbara is the creator and owner of Precious Resources preschool, an award winning preschool. She has provided consulting services such as curriculum development, classroom design and staff training.  Together with her daughter Dr. Allie, Miss Barbara has developed The Precious Resources Preschool Yoga Curriculum, Precious Resources Artist Curriculum and The Terrateer Club Curriculum.  She is a certified children’s yoga teacher and holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Miss Barbara is passionate about helping young children grow into their best self by establishing a strong emotional foundation and a curiosity for learning that will last a lifetime.

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