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The brain is a complex map! Learning involves the right combination of environment and experience to create connections in the pathways of the brain. During the early years the brain creates more than 1 million new neural connections every second!

At The Terrateer Club, learning is stimulated by creating the right experiences and environments to maximize the production of connections to create the pathways for optimal brain development.

The Terrateer Club provides children with activities to develop executive functioning skills, encourage kindness, grow acceptance of self and all human beings, engage children in the practice of mindfulness and yoga, promote nature exploration, and inspire community involvement. The combination of these six guiding principles build a strong foundation for young children to be well-rounded, resilient, global citizens.

The Terrateer Club’s six principles guide the modern learner. Young children are given the opportunity to make connections with nature, connections with others through kindness, connections with community both near and far, connections which develop acceptance of others, connections through executive functioning utilizing our Chief Brain Officer, and connection to self and the present through mindfulness and yoga.

Join us as we build connections to develop our littlest learners into our future leaders!

Author: Dr. Allie and Miss Barbara

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